About JNR Pharmacy


Our experienced team of Pharmacists and technicians strives to ensure that the medications for patients with specialty needs while at the same time help to educate about their medication. We do this by serving as the link between practitioners and patients through every step of the process and to ensure minimum cost to the patient and also We Re-work on denied claims. We prepare compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies on the patient's behalf.

Patients receive extensive one-on-one counseling about their medications and administration and medicine is delivered as soon as possible with proper storage and handling.


JNR Pharmacy, Brewster and its affiliate Lake Carmel Pharmacy (Previously JNR Pharmacy Corp) have been a trusted name in pharmacy service for over 15 years. JNR Pharmacy first established in 2000 in Brewster, New York. The Management change had happened in 2010, both JNR pharmacy and JNR Pharmacy corp,(now lake Carmel pharmacy) purchased by Talla. Under Talla’s ManagementJNR Pharmacy has served patients and the community alike with its high standards of service and dedication. And their hard work has not gone unnoticed -- JNR Pharmacy is a pillar of the Brewster community and its surroundings and continues to serve with retail locations through steady expansion of its activities in other areas of New York State likeLake Carmel pharmacy, Lake Carmel, Carerx pharmacy, Haverstraw and Kingston pharmacy, Kingston.

JNR Pharmacy is trusted name throughout the Putnam County to serve its customers with high-standards and services with smile.Our mission is to redefine your expectations by providing the best quality care to our patients. Continues upgrading to changes in technology and advances in care for complex, high-risk disease states. We focus on your wellness, not your sickness.

Road Map for the future

"IT has always been centralized because technology was a central concern, but in the last 5 years every part of the business now needs technology to run their business - you can't really centralize it. So we are talking about enabling a new IT operating model where you decentralize the capabilities of what IT has, but you centralize control." The key to this transformation is strong technical and database foundation.


JNR Management believes that retail organized pharmacy business is going to remain a largely vernacular business in near future because fundamentally operations will organize but socio-cultural factors remain same. So, in every region or state, strong pharmacy retail chain will emerge.

So, JNR pharmacy has chosen a path of growth in next 3-4 years, majorly in North Eastern region and specially Tri States (NY, NJ and CT) and Texas.

In order to facilitate large scale expansion, now it had become essential for the company to thrash out issues of Supply Chain Management, local inefficiencies of vendors, problems related to local procurement and availability of genuine medicines.

Magical Advantage

It did not took too much of thinking to understand that company desperately needed a Central Ware House and that could solve the problems mentioned above. However as the journey was taken company realizes advantages of bringing facilities such as shop level efficiency, availability of genuine medicines, reduction of cost, reduction on manpower, control on retail operations, Transparency on data and reports and most importantly overall command on business.

It was an essential game changer and a great enabler for franchisee business and therefore the company was completely focused to start a state of art, fully computerized distribution center. Our Managing Directors vast experience in Retail and Chain Pharmacy system helping us in guiding into right steps to build strong yet competitive pricing of medication to our customers.

Thus JNR initiated to establish Zero Error Distribution Centre thatact as an infrastructural and supply chain backbone of the organization with international accreditation and is an industry Showcase.

Online Stores

Over the past 40 years, information technology has had a major impact on the working lives of millions of people. For prescribers and pharmacists, IT can enable the storage of structured patient records, facilitate the electronic prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines for monitoring the efficacy and safety of medicines in use. Now, The power of the internet: The internet has been widely adopted for business and social communications. In future, as internet use becomes universal, there may be an increase in the number of internet pharmacies, and use of the internet to display and disseminate information on medicines and health from pharmacies.

Currently, JNR initiated to establish secure web-based online pharmacy to support enhanced pharmacy services and public health initiatives. The initiation plan to establish our online pharmacy to increase to the customers base by serving on Beauty and personal care products, vitamins and supplements, sexual health, diet and fitness, Baby and Moms care, house hold products and greeting cards with Online deals and discounts. For prescribed drugs you need to walk to our store and for refills you can call us or use online refill system from our website.

Mobile technology

The use of mobile telephones is widespread in society. Some pharmacies are using text alerts to remind patients that repeat prescriptions are ready or to offer services, but sophisticated apps have been developed for disease monitoring, for example, Refill remainders, monitoring of blood glucose levels, medication adherence support and health education. These apps will have a greater impact on pharmacy practice in future. So JNR pharmacy planning to develop a IOS and Android Mobile apps for our customers for Refill systems, Pill remainder and health education.